About our Organization


FCS (Foundation for the Cultivation of Sport) was formed in December, 2004 by current Co-Chairman, Doug Clark with two primary objectives. These objectives are to Foster Sport and to Develop Cycling as a Sport operating as a 501 (c)(3), non-profitorganization. The organizational objectives included providing a platform for Junior and U-23 athletes both men and women to excel and have the opportunity to move into rolls with regional or national cycling Teams. Lee Whaley, current FCS Co-Chairman has led the successful efforts in continuing and leading the efforts for the Women’s Domestic Elite and Regional Teams. FCS coupled with Compliance Depot, Plano, Texas in its initial 3 years had quickly established itself with the cycling community. FCS was then fortunate to establish a 3 year relationship with Metro Volkswagen in Irving,Texas which catapulted the continued success of each FCS’ programs. The FCS Elite Cycling Teams and Club members have seen significant racing success and member growth stemming from the alliances with Compliance Depot, Metro Volkswagen and currently Zngine and Mr. Restore.

The FCS Elite Cycling Team and Club members foster the sport of cycling in the community and do so by the following:

• Organizing and maintaining a community based club.

• Welcoming team members that promote sportsmanship.

• Creating group riding environments that are welcoming to riders of all backgrounds and levels.

• Hosting local events designed to encourage youth participation.

• Promoting cycling safety.

• Working with and representing Sponsors that endorse community service.

Race Orbea

USA Cycling

Visit USA Cycling whose mission is to make the United States of America the most successful country in the world of competitive cycling.


Build a Cycling  Tribe

The key to FCS|Cycling’s success and sustainability is to turn prospective spectators and fans from the sport of cycling into loyal FCS Cycling tribe members, creating a legion of fans that wear their hearts on their sleeves. These fans love the sport of cycling, they are just waiting for an invitation to be engaged and we want to invite them to engage with us, we want to channel their energy into the team and reflect it back on them. This energy and passion will flow from fan, to the team and to our sponsors, creating a healthy ROI and rich platform for our sponsors to reach prospective customers on a more intimate level. One of the ways to harness this power would be to create a “fan subscriber list,” where the team sponsors can partner together and create a dialog between the FCS fans and their business. It’s the power of the FCS tribe that will create longevity and sustainability for FCS|Cycling.

FCS Cycling will continue to deliver untraditional heroes, female underdogs to the sport, that given the chance, will win races, will believe in their abilities, will move past their own self-doubt, drawing in consumers, sport fans, as they themselves share in the journey, thus connecting sponsors products with these unsung heroes.