Regional FCS Team


  • Brittany Stark – Dallas, TX
  • Carla Keeton – Irving, TX
  • Casey Sharp – Dallas, TX
  • Jan Bennett – Plano, TX
  • Katie Sewell – Dallas, TX
  • Kelsie Isaacs – Dallas, TX
  • Luciana Silva – Irving, TX
  • Melinda Spratt – Corinth, TX
  • Melissa Monosoff – Irving, TX
  • Mistie Starkey – Dallas, TX
  • Rachel Zollinger – Albuquerque, NM
  • Sally Sonnier – Dallas, TX
  • Sarah Gosling – Dallas, TX
  • Shannon Moak – Katy, TX

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The FCS Regional team exists as a sister program to the FCS Women’s Domestic Elite Team.  We present an option to women who are first time racers, up to the seasoned Cat 1 or 2 racer, who want to ride competitively and still work a “normal” 9-5 job.  The regional team is made up of women from various demographics, ages, levels, and careers. The proudest achievement is hands down seeing how many women we got into the sport and are now seeing them come back to face another tough year of racing.


For information regarding membership on the FCS Regional Team, please contact Sarah Gosling, the current Manager and Captain of the 2014 Regional Team. fcsregionalteam@gmail.com

Lee Whaley and Sarah Gosling came up with the idea after the establishment of the Domestic Elite team.  FCS has long stood as a club team with an elite team.  The 2013 season left a few of our female riders in a state of limbo.  So, we came up with the idea to create what we now refer to as the Regional Team.  We focus mainly on races within Texas and in the surrounding states, with travel to various other states as deemed possible.  The team is not restrictive to age or level.  We really want to give women of all talents the opportunity to race and represent the FCS Club.  We particularly look for women who we have seen or know are good ambassadors of cycling, but namely women’s racing.  Our racers mainly live in the North Texas area, but there are also members in Houston and New Mexico.  FCS has historically been a road team, but this year we branched more into Cyclocross, debuting our bright pink long-sleeved skinsuits. Good thing it was actually a chilly ‘cross season.  We have several racers who recently took the track devo class, so expect to see FCS out at the Velodrome in Frisco, TX.