As FCS|Cycling aligns with its sponsors we strive to take a different approach by providing as much exposure for them beyond just putting their names on typical advertising type media. Top supporters of FCS|Cycling have similar demographics of clientele, which in turn allows for the sponsors to potentially cross market. We feel strongly as our supporters continue to recognize the potential in this strategy they can begin to expand their marketing base not only with typical marketing strategies but through shared social media strategies as well.


Like the growing popularity of women in sports promoted by superstars like Danica Patrick of NASCAR, Lindsey Vonn in Skiing, golf, Serena Williams in professional tennis, Misty May-Treanor and Karrie Walsh in professional volleyball. Women’s cycling has been center stage recently in the U.S. thanks to 2008 & 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Kristen Armstrong, 4-time World Champion and 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Sarah Hammer and World Time trial Champion Amber Neben. These and other female cycling champions have opened an advertising avenue for companies interested in capitalizing on this popularity to spread their message.

Promoting within the niche market of women’s cycling is a great vehicle to gain exposure for your company. Our team goals are to compete in their respective regions and nationally. At these events the exposure is not only to the spectators and the community but also to our competitors. The majority of our competitors are associated with decision makers which work in a professional capacity.

Interested in Sponsorship

Victory and podium pictures of sponsored cyclists are excellent tools to promote your organization’s role in the sponsorship of a successful athlete.

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The 2014 FCS| Cycling Women’s Team is an ideal vehicle for your company to promote itself in a very positive fashion, as our team provides a link between your company and a large portion of the community locally, regionally, and nationally. We welcome your questions and comments. Our team appreciates your interest and consideration and looks forward to working for you in the coming years!

The team is seeking various levels of Cash Sponsorship in addition to Product Sponsors. The unique benefit of bicycle racing sponsorship is that sponsorship travels with the racer. Bicycle racers can be pedaling billboards. Elite athletes train on public roads 4-5 days per week throughout the year and travel to races all over the country. Sponsor logos are always visible when printed on the cycling clothing and team equipment. The 2014 FCS|Cycling Women’s Team will compete in approximately 42 races in 2014 in approximately 12 states. Some of the larger races will have over 5,000 spectators each day and will be covered by television, newspapers, and other media outlets. Victory and podium pictures of sponsored cyclists are excellent tools to promote your organization’s role in the sponsorship of a successful athlete. Advertising space on the jersey, advertising space on the team van and trailer, personal promotion, and direct media exposure are just a few of the benefits you receive for your sponsorship. The goal for the team is to secure all sponsorship by October 1, 2014 so that the team schemes and clothing order can go to print and be ready for the beginning of the 2014 season. Logo designs must also be decided at this time. Here are a few examples of the methods of advertisement we can provide:

  • Sponsor logos are displayed on team clothing.
  • Sponsor logos can also be displayed on the team van and/or trailer.
  • Sponsor logos and links are also displayed on the recreational club’s website, event banners, signs and/or flyers at all club events.
  • Sponsors will have the opportunity to be proudly displayed on the club’s cycling apparel.
  • Sponsors are welcome to invite team members to promotional events. Team members will be able provide team photos, signatures and club information.
  • Most club members will choose to utilize sponsor products.

While being Ambassadors of the Sport and encouraging brands that support the program, our athletes are committed to helping people engage in healthy and active lifestyles.

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