Meet Our racers

Doug Clark

Team Owner

I'm asked all the time why I ride/race bikes..The answer is easy - it's fun and it's good for you.  I started riding seriously in 1998 when I got my first license and was pretty fit so I thought I would have a go at the Tuesday night crit. The last lap of the my first race and going into the last turn I was in the break of 4 and the rider in front of me took an abrupt move to the right and took me out - 1st broken collarbone.  While I was recovering I was asked if I would help officiate/score the Tuesday night crit.  That led to 5 years of officiating and becoming on of the areas lead Chief Refs.  Then I decided to give a try to Ultra-marathon events and become a Randoneer and trained 6 days a week with a 100K 4 nights a week and 2 centuries on the weekends.  I moved up to a Super Randoneer after completing the qualifiers for Paris-Brest-Paris which included a 200, 300, 600 and 1,000K events under specific times.  As a side note - ask me if I want to do that 2 year span again - NO!!  Then in the fall of 2004, I was convinced by a coach that I should try track racing and at that point I was convinced I would be an endurance racer.  I trained for 10 months for my first track event - Texas Regional Championships.  I entered both the endurance events and sprint events - thinking I would do well in the endurance events - NOT!!  I podiumed and took a Bronze in my first track event - in the sprints.  The rest is history with 2 trips to Worlds, Numerous Nationals and Regionals with top ten at worlds and nationals, and numerous 1st's at Regionals.  The current goal is the 2018 World Championships in LA...

Lee Whaley

Team Owner

Well let's see... I guess it would be fair to say the bike found me. Beginning in the early years of life (3rd grade) jumping over trash cans and cars, then becoming a BMX Freestyle rider to later roll into Mountain biking in its infancy years. Needing to develop endurance for mountain biking I picked up the road bike and Cx racing in college. Got bored with all of that and gave Track racing a go. During the way earning a number of different championships. Somewhere along the way I also found the time to manage a bike shop, become a USA Cycling certified Mechanic, Official and Coach. Safe to say I have been involved in bikes in some form or fashion for the majority of my life. These days after eclipsing 50, I have slowed down slightly but still try to share the knowledge I gained all of those years by mentoring and co-owning professional and regional teams. During this journey it has been awesome to see riders I helped grow from barely knowing how to ride a bike to being the top in their discipline of the sport. Aside from playing bikes I play Architect and Interior Designer in real life. I could go on and on but the best way to get more of the story is to catch me out on that rare sighting of me on the bike!

Sarah Lundeen

Why do I ride bikes?  Because I really like to eat cookies and ice cream, and who doesn't love sporting a farmers tan year round?  Sarcasm aside, I, like many women, got into cycling because of a college boyfriend.  Needless to say, I quickly realized I liked my bike a lot more than him and have been riding and racing ever since.  I started out as a roadie, fell in love with cyclocross, and now find myself zipping around the local mountain trails and gravel roads of Southern California. Riding bikes makes me feel strong, lets me explore my world in a different way, and has lead the way to some of my greatest friendships.  

Kim Murphy

Team Captain

Feisty fifty! Well, almost fifty at least. By day a teacher/administrator, but after hours, the spandex comes out and the race is on! I discovered bikes after my 3rd child left me significantly overweight, and I knew I had to do something to change.  I rode group rides and tours for 15 years before dipping my toes into racing and never looked back.  Today, give me a crit, a road race, or a cx race, and I'm a happy girl. ​ Come play bikes with me!

Jan Bennett

An adventure seeker at my core, I have always been drawn to the great outdoors and being active.  A few years back, I took the leap and left corporate America in order to persuse my cycling passions full time.  However, a back injury sustained while racing in early 2015 left me with a case of wanderlust and an even deeper appreciation for riding bicycles. Since recovering, I have set my sights on adventure by bike, including scouting and publicizing the Pony Express bikepacking route to be released, free of charge, to the public in 2018. While I discovered my love for the bike while racing criteriums, self-supported bikepacking adventures have stollen my heart.

Erin Bobbitt

With a family as bike crazy as mine, it was only a matter of time before I found myself drawn to cycling. Starting off with organized rides on the weekends and laps around our beloved White Rock Lake during the week, I didn't really have a place in the world of racing. Then, mom introduced me to cyclo-cross; now one of my all time favorite activites. Three seasons in, and I'm still going as hard as I can, always in it for the pure rush of joy and happiness I get in a race, although rising in the ranks doesn't feel half bad either. I'm off at college now so, sadly, I don't have as much time to race as I'd like, but whenever I can, I hop on my bike and get out there with the big girls to show off my stuff. 

Jacqueline Harrill

I was a pretty serious kid growing up. Focused on school, and other sports like gymnastics or cross country, but never serious about bikes. My bike was always my escape. The neighbor kids would roll over on their bikes in the morning and we'd spend the day just goofing off. I fell in love with the friendship and freedom that comes along with 2 wheels. I didn't ride much again until my early 20's when I signed up for a triathlon. I bought a bike and was thrilled to find the same friendship and freedom of bikes existed in my adulthood! I've competed in all the triathlon distance races, traveled with my bike for 6 months in Australia, and did the AIDS LIFE CYCLE RIDE from San Fransisco to LA. This will be my first year competing in any sort of cycling specific event and I am looking forward to the challenge. Off the bike, I enjoy the simple pleasure of friends, family, my work and being outdoors. 

Diane Hernandez

Bikes have allowed me to appreciate life in a different way; the respect for ourselves as well as our environment, the amazing people that belong to this community, how different you can perceive the city, and the encouragement to be better. Mountain biking in North Mexico was my first cycling experience, and every time I go back there (even though I like to try new things), I remember how much I enjoy it. I feel really grateful being able to discover new places, roads, trails, and amazing people who share the love for this awesome sport!

Sarah Kamien

Born in the mean streets of Plano, I managed break free from the system by joining the wild peloton that used to pass through my neighborhood every Saturday. The rush of going fast, discovering new roads and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one in spandex has gone before has kept me seriously hooked on this sport for the past 4 years. Riding bikes has brought me great joy over and has allowed me to grow strong enough to pedal away from all my problems, responsibilities and lack of education. 

Barbara Kratus

The reason I started riding: You make your own breeze on the bike.  It's hot here!  When I moved to Dallas 2015 I started riding my rust bucket Schwinn cruiser hybrid around White Rock Lake.  Luckily I was introduced to the cycling world through a family member who worked in the industry.  I got set up with a road bike and cut 15 minutes off my best time around the lake on the first go.  Hooked!  Cycling is a great way for me to belong to a community, get off the couch and get outside, and face my fears (hello cyclocross!).  And, wearing spandex on an almost daily basis is definitely a humbling experience.  Let’s ride!

Diane Nestande

I wrote a little poem when I was in 4th grade, "Whenever people see my bike, they say, 'I like that bike!' I ride it fast, I ride it slow. It doesn't matter where I go. I ride over ant piles and over curbs while my dogs chases me." I think that still sums it up pretty much.  (Except now I have four bikes!)

Leah Rives

I began riding my bike at an early age with my Dad who would take me on rides around White Rock Lake.  Much to my mother's dismay, he would take via the streets of East Dallas to the spillway and it was there I learned I learned I liked to go fast!  After some unexpected life changes in my late 20's I bought a single speed, steel frame bicycle and started doing social rides.  I had no one telling me what to wear or how to ride, I just knew I wanted to start and never stop.  On the bike my stresses melted away, my anxiety was quelled and I felt like that little girl on the spillway again. I also started noticing the postive changes for my body.  I was in the best shape ever and my doctor even asked what I had added to my routine.   Through social rides, I discovered RALLIES which is where I learned how strong I was.  I quickly began upping my mileage and after I finished 65 miles, my longest ride at that point, a gentleman commented that he was impressed that I completed so quickly with no gears, flat shoes, and no spandex.  I did not have money for fancy bike stuff at the time so I continued increasing my miles and hanging out at my local bike shop to learn maintenance, parts, etc.  One summer day, a mechanic asked if I was, "going to the crit races tonight?"  That Thursday night in 2014 I discovered bike racing and my world changed.  I slowly met the Dallas cycling community and that fall I found Cyclocross.  I quickly bought a CX bike (that was WAY too small for me) and raced my first race. I remember the confidence and pride I felt that I had pinned on a number and done something that had always seemed terrifying.  During this season I challenged myself to always finish the race and to never be last.  I met those goals and met the ladies of FCS cycling.  I was intrigued by a community of female cyclists that support and challenge each other.  The ladies on this team have pushed me to do things I've never thought possible and the bond only continues to grow.  I eventually graduated to a CX bike that actually fit and raced my first CX race for FCS the next season.  This year I plan to increase my miles and fitness, race my first crit race, and be an advocate for women on bikes no matter what kind of riding they do.  I want to share the confidence that bike riding gave me with every woman I encounter.  

Heather Sawtelle

"Your life is about to change" is what was said to me when I purchased my first bike in 2016 and that statement couldn't be more true!  I've been an athlete my entire life but no sport has brought me the joy that cycling has.  I love trying new roads or disciplines, traveling for the love of bikes, whether to get tacos or to bike in another country, and I believe the best places to explore are by foot or bike.  Road, gravel, track, cx, mtb, I like it all.  But didn't you know?  Cross is boss. 

Katie Sewell

A boyfriend used to take me mountain biking at Grapevine Lake on my old beat-up Huffy and I hated it with a passion and vowed never to cycle again. Then I found myself battling the West Texas winds in Lubbock commuting to school, and once again vowed to sell that bike and never cycle again. Little did I know that years later I would eventually meet my husband on a bike, cycle all around the U.S. and Europe, and race almost every discipline cycling has to offer. Cycling has taught me patience, perseverance, courage, mindfulness, and most importantly, how to have fun. And after a few mountain bike rides with a group of girlfriends, I even loved to enjoy Grapevine Lake trails. I could have never guessed that my two favorite disciplines are mountain biking and Cyclocross, both of which require a large amount of technical skills and bruises. In my spare time, I foster Labs, make jewelry, and try to keep my landscaping alive.

Olivia Woodruff

When I was in college, I cycled for $$$. Unfortunately this didn’t mean I had some sort of sponsorship or pro-status but instead I had the opportunity to deliver sandwiches to University of Colorado’s finest between the hours of 10 pm and 5 am via my Trek1000 that had bent handlebars and one functioning brake lever. I learned no matter the cold, the hot, the worst people, the hilliest of hills, the worst of days, I was perfectly content zig-zagging all over town, experiencing new adventures and meeting friends along the way. 10 years later, everything around me has changed except for my two-wheeled sanctuary.  I like to race road, crits and MTB. My merits include winning an airplane bottle of Jim Beam and a free marg. Beyond cycling, I’m a Geologist (rock nerd), dog mom (Airedale and Bulldog) and have a mild to severe obsession with airplanes and flying them!

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